About Us - Alterna Blender Jar LLC

We are a 123Vita LLC company. Originally we have been importing and selling the great Omni Blender for several years... at some time together with Vitamix and Blendtec or the powerful Waring 3.5 hp blenders on 123vita.com and then 3blenders.com. Ultimately we dropped all but the OMNI blender which we represented for JTC for several years here in the USA. We had a running-into with JTC's advertising and dealer dis-loyalties and therefore saw a better business opportunity for us to get into the spare-parts after-market business in the Blender Jar industry. It is better anyway, because the blenders were just not wearing out or breaking fast enough. You could say we are indirectly advertising for JTC. That is not our intention, but, if it is so interpreted and if it helps their business, then Merry Christmas.

Blendtec, Waring, JTC, the type-bases all of which are just like the Vitamix blenders in regards to its drive socket and gear specifications and the fit of the jar (although different than Blendtec), have literally tens of millions of operating blenders out there globally, among consumers and commercial restaurant and smoothie shop operators. Blendtec replacement jars are in many markets very expensive and by the way, the Blendtec Jars (Wildside and Fourside, etc.) have fixed installed blade unit anyway, which is quite a big drawback.

We have noticed that Blendtec loses business to other blender companies when blender users switch away from them because of the poor blender jar design, (fixed blade unit versus removable blade assembly), which is really not that breath-taking in quantity blending anyway. Because we had already developed a jar for a versatile application (see article "What if a Blendtec Jar fit on Vitamix") in 2009 and 2010, and because Blendtec took our idea and turned it into their Rebel Jar in 2014, we thought it only to be best befitting that we introduce the Alterna Jar(TM) to market.

The Alterna Jar is the king of versatility. It fits on all Blendtec bases, has a removable blade assembly, and can also be used on those type of blender bases like Waring 3.5 hp blenders, the JTC and its private label followers and knock-offs, as well as Blendtec's arch rival Vitamix. Our intent was not necessarily to favor one blender over another, because pretty much, these basic 3 to 4 blenders in our opinion are "IT". They may not have the most numbers out there, but they are the best, really to the point where one can only state "Forget the Ninja and its Auger".

And so it is our great and controversial pleasure to introduce the Alterna Jar and its versatility with a sharp removable multi-adaptable blade, and our new universal tamper rod. Of course our business ends not just there with these products. We will innovate more intriguing controversial American Engineering.

About that "American Engineering", as much as we would like to have our products made in the USA, they are designed and engineered here in the great country of the USA, and assembled here, but the components are made in different very willing and capable plants all over the world. We strive to bring business back to the USA, hopefully some day, sooner than expected. But before that day, the American Attitude and willingness to compete has to change. Just to give you an example, the same high quality high grade steel tooling used in the injection molding process of our high-tech made Eastman Tritan Copolyester Blender Containers would cost us in the USA 4 to 5 times the amount than somewhere else.

It is not that factories couldn't compete here. They are not willing. We requested bids, but factories were just not willing to work with us. We use the same machines in China than here in the USA to make these same tools and it does not take more labor hours or man-hours or a higher-skill level worker to man the machine. Labor wages are no excuse or justification for a 4 x higher price point. The reason for this price difference is because of the lack of factories. You are familiar probably with supply and demand. We in the USA just don't have enough of the machining business willing to compete. And that is why the few remaining ones are overpricing and over-bidding or are not bidding on quote requests at all.

It is our mission to create positive change, controversy, and versatility, within the smoothie blender industry, to make blending better, safer, more cost effective and with higher grade results. We sell globally. The Earth is our Back Yard! We are very grateful to all our customers and partners.


B Angelica Fox, Owner - President!