Universal Tamper

The universal tamper is basically an adjustable stir stick tamper plunger accelerator blending tool used for safety in general to avoid using hand fork spoon spatula etc for pushing down on ingredients. It is adjustable with the relocating of a flange assembly that clasps around the solid acetal delrin POM rod 1" diameter, at your choice of 5 different milled-out locations.

The locations are specifically designed to allow the adjustment of the remaining rod area that will be inserted through hole of the lid when in place on the jar, without touching the blades. The distance may not always be your favorite one, but it is meant to be safely far enough away so the user can still push down on ingredients and get the rotation and vortex and blending going when stuck or when needed for stirring for example a heavy clump of almonds that needs to be turned over and blended into almond butter.

The adjustment is at the user's discretion and the users are responsible themselves if they blend up the tamper or nick on the bottom. Because this is a food grade material and it is solid, no harm is done to your smoothie ingredients remaining or the tamper rod. It can be sanded down and repaired and/or cut off and still be used just by moving the flange assembly (grip) to your desired location. You can use either end of the rod.

Over the duration of nearly 10 years during which we have been actively and vigorously comparing different blenders, we have been contacted repeatedly by thousands of consumers, even those with Blendtec blenders, with requests for tampers, mostly for safety reasons. Forks and knives where flying through the room and wrapped around the blades. Blender walls broke and cracked, blades seized up, and spatulas where blended up. We used to provide a safety tamper dowel made from wood. But wood.... it's just not sanitary.

The final solution is to provide a tamper that is safe for food and for your hands, as well as serves its purpose in assisting you in blending up your desired ingredients. It is always better to have a tamper on hand for just in case than not have one and needing one.

We will have promotions from time to time, offering the tamper for a discounted price in connection with the Alterna Jar purchase, or even offer it for free. Check our shopping cart for specific offers. Even if you do not have a Blendtec, Omni, Alterna jar, Waring blender, the Universal Tamper will certainly also fit on your Kitchenaid blender, Cusineart, Oster, Hamilton Beach, all Waring blenders, Breville, Bosch, Krup, Bleck and Decker, Klarstein, Optimum, Omega blender, Centaur, Montel Williams Health Master, etc.

Universal Tamper - fits all blender jars.... with a few exceptions