Alterna Jar BLADES

The dual-wing-tipped blade assembly is engineered in the USA together with a tip / top knife assembly of 2 more knives on top of the 2 / dual blade for improved blending. You will find that our blade unit performs better with nut butters of greater quantity as well as nut seeds like strawberry seeds, raspberry and blackberry seeds.

If you have an Omni Blender, the Alterna Jar combination with our improved blade units will increase your blending experience. Being able to test the same identical jar and blades on multiple blender units now lets you really distinguish between the blenders and what their blending differences are. Now that we are no longer selling blenders, our bias has shifted away and we can now more freely talk about the blender motor capabilities.

We have found that the Waring 3.5 hp motor and operating functions outperform the Blendtec blenders, and that Blendtec outperforms a few other blenders. The Omni is not as powerful as these three other high performance blenders.

But, caution here, the Omni still is the best buck in the field for money and power. Just with the new Alterna Blade, like all the others, you can see an improvement in texture results. Blendtec blenders and Vitamix are really noisy. The Waring is more insulated.

The Waring 3.5 hp jars are not very good or don't blend as effectively as others because the horizontal walls meet the bottom of the straight on in a 90 degrees non-curved jar - there is no transition that would help turn over and vortex the ingredients in that Waring jar.... Now back to the blades.

Blades help improve blending in their particular jar for which they are designed for. The Alterna Blade is specifically designed, and the Alterna jar is specifically engineered to work with the blade; the improve each others performance. The Alterna Blade is good for virtually any kind of edible ingredient blending from hard ice, pits (avocado), carrots, broccoli, and almonds, even fine flower from hard red wheat grain, to rice.

Thai food cooking is now becoming easier with the Alterna Jar. Blend also hot soup, nut butters,  sauces, smoothies, and cream.

The blade should last several years, especially in connection with the blade bearings. The bearing balls are made from carbide steel. They could rust if they get wet. So don't get them wet, don't wash your jar with blades inside your dishwasher. Don't soak water in it, don't use the jar as a watering jug for your plants at home. Don't leave your smoothie in it inside the fridge stored away for the next morning. See Warranty.