Alterna Blades for the Waring 3.5 hp blender

Of course we we talk about the Waring 3.5 hp blender we mean the powerful commercial heavy duty monsters. The Waring jar is really designed very poorly. The vertical wall hits the bottom straight on in a 90 degrees. There is no curvature to transition and help ingredients to vortex and turn over for easier blending. The Waring blade really has to compensate for that. And Waring has done a great job over the years to improve their blades with more turns and twists engineered to help lift and rotate ingredients.

We tested our blade design in a Waring jar, because, not naturally, but by design, the Alterna blade for this particular blender fits also inside the Waring jar. That said, the Alterna Blade does enhance performance inside the Waring jar, but the Alterna Blade works better in the Alterna jar, because the Alterna Jar although bigger, with larger blending capacity, also blends better - it is engineered with a bottom floor curvature. Rotating the ingredients as they blend, aka vortex them in 3 dimensional 360 degrees like a ball, is key.

We used the Alterna Jar on this powerful awesome blender - and don't get us wrong, we really liked the Waring most - to blend up almond butter. The 3.5 hp strength is impressive; to achieve a vortex with almond butter is nearly impossible. With the Waring it was nearly possible. We still had to use the tamper for assistance to stir and turn over the sticky clumpy butter mass. The blade by Alterna was instrumental in whipping up a butter in about 60 seconds, that could take other blenders 15 minutes.

As you will notice, the shaft and gear are specifically designed to fit into the Alterna jar and then on top of the Waring. You have to turn the Alterna jar in about a 45 degrees perpendicular utilizing the patent-pending cut-outs and engineered dimensional design to fit the to Blendtec blenders after-market-developed blender container onto the Waring blender.