Alterna Blade for Blendtec blenders

The Alterna Blade, for the Alterna jar is removable. Blendtec blades are fixed installed; they are not replaceable. When your Blendtec warranty is out, be that consumer residential, or be that commercial, and you Blendtec Wildside jar blade unit has seized up (is kaput) you would have to buy a new complete jar. If you buy the Alterna jar for your Blendtec blender, the jar is slightly bigger and more effectively to be used for more quantity / bigger smoothie portions, the blade is replaceable, you can opt in to get a discount also for your tamper... (sometimes on sale and included - check in our store for sales), and the Blendtec lid also fits on the Alterna jar.

The blade itself works great on ice drinks, frozen fruit juices, raw smoothies, hot soup, and large nut butters. We have tested the jar  with a 10 cups of almonds huge portion and the blend yielded 7 cups of almond butter. It was blended up in one straight 60 second blend. The nuts and seeds of strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries are finer- of course Blendtec is already a fantastic blender and already does a great job. We can say for sure that the Alterna jar blends at least as good as with the wildside jar, except that you can really blend larger portion with the Alterna Jar and it's special blade (top wings).

The Alterna Blades are sharp. Blendtec blades are dull. Sharp is better. And we can leave it by that. Plus there are very distinct financial savings advantages when you get the Alterna Jar and removable blade because the blade, if it does seize up, is the only thing that needs to be changed, and we can quicker and easier provide new designs with special blending focus in mind that will allow the users to simply just swap out blade assemblies.

Versatility just makes sense! Sharp blade edges makes sense! Removable changeable and replaceable blade units make sense!