Alterna Jar for OMNI Blenders

As this same configuration of Alterna jar and blade fits on Omniblend (aka JTC), it also fits on the Waring 3.5 hp blender bases, and every other blender that has principally the same blender motor base design and dimensions of rubber cushion where the jar sits. There are quite a few blenders, one of them being the JTC Omniblend, aka Klarstein or Optimum (which are private label examples). Waring has as far as we know also produced private labelled blenders for various distributors, one of which is Good4U, aka Vickie Galanti of Acme's old blender and juicer company in Florida. That said, there are a lot of blenders onto which the Alterna jar will fit.

The jar, as already mentioned is made from BPA-FREE copolyester material by Eastman Tritan. It is not necessarily that this is the most favorite choice of material. Glass is preferred, and it will eventually come back, but for now, Eastman Tritan(TM) is popular and it would cost too much to advertise up against the mainstream campaign makers like Waring, Walmart, and Blendtec. The saying goes "Go with the Flow". You can't go wrong, BPA-FREE is as safe as it can get, as far as we know (hopefully).

The Alterna jar has a superior blending and rotation design and is much larger over the tall and round Omni jar (aka - looks like a Vitamix jar), or the lower profile square-ish looking jar, also known as the 1.5 liter jar. The combination of blade and jar allows the Omniblend user to enhance and optimize seed and berry blending, better emulsifying to finer grid textures, and doing more of it too, as long as you keep it flowing in liquid .... because Omni is not as strong as Blendtec or the big enchilada called the Waring 3.5 hp blender.

Not to be confused, please, with the JTC OMNI BLENDER blade for the original Omni blender jars. Yes, we have that older- style blade still available, but with time, we can see that consumers and blender users will just switch to the Alterna Jar, hopefully.