Alterna Jar User Manual


Rinse the blender jar by hand and dry by hand. This will help increase the plastic in / and / outside beauty as well as increase blade bearing longevity. Basically, if you want to bearing to last, don't put the jar in the dishwasher, don't soak liquid inside the jar, don't use the container as a flower or plant watering jug, don't store your smoothie or liquid in it inside the fridge or anywhere else. Keep the lid off when storing, keep it upright, don't put up-side down over the sink for dripping.

Replacing the Blade Assembly from the Jar

In order to remove the blade assembly from your Alterna Blender Jar, turn the black bottom plastic plate as can seen in the picture below, counter-clockwise by holding on to the jar and utilizing your beautiful thumbs in the manner as shown.

Once the bottom plate is all the way unscrewed from the blade assembly thread, the blade assembly will fall inside the jar onto the counter-tip. It is recommended to put some kind of a protection on your counter-top so you do not scratch or hurt your marble or granite.... The plastic bottom plate has a gasket inserted. It is most likely still in good shape. Clean it all up and make sure the gasket stays inserted with the ribs on top. If you need to replace the gasket, a phone call to us at (801) 623-3225 if in the USA, or an email to will get the gasket replacement rolling (purchase may be necessary, or at least the payment for shipping...)

Then, when you want to install your new blade assembly, or the one that you still want to use after maintenance, cleaning, and/or sharpening (because you could theoretically re-sharpen the blades, however with great caution), then insert the blade unit the same way you took it out in reverse order, and position the bottom plate with the gasket o-ring in place and tighten the bottom plate clock-wise as shown in the picture below.

How to use the tamper

The Universal Tamper is an adjustable tool engineered and designed in the USA for the purpose to help any blender user to safely accelerate and/or help stirring their smoothie ingredients for a practical better blending experience. Everybody could get stuck every now and then. There are too many variables to list of what could be the cause for a high performance blender to get stuck. It can happen with any blender.

Adjust the flange prior to use. Insert the tamper into the jar ONLY through the lid opening with the lid in place on top of the jar. Never insert the tamper inside the jar without the lid in place first (or if the tamper is incorrectly set up with the flanges in the wrong place). If the tamper end gets blended up you will know right away that you made a mistake.

Don't blame us for your mistake. The tamper flange needs to be placed at the correct position as to prevent the tamper end that reaches into the inside the jar towards the blade from touching the blade.

How to adjust the tamper

There are 5 milled out positions on the POM Acetal Delrin

Lid interchangeability with Blendtec Jar/Lid

Ordering Parts / Components