Alterna Jars and Blades for JTC Omni

The Alterna Jar is engineered and designed in the USA, various patents pending, so it fits onto Blendtec blenders, Waring MX XT and Good4U, and on the JTC Omniblend and a few other blenders.

The material is BPA-FREE Eastman Tritan Co-Polyester, the blade is sharpened for turning counter-clockwise (left), the jar weighs 2.5 pounds, accepts 2.5 liter / 80 ounces / 10 cups of liquid, and because of its super tech engineering allows for a perfectly smooth blending texture, blending ice, grains, frozen ingredients, berries, nuts, vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, carrots, spinach, and even avocados and their huge and hard pits. You can make ice cream, hot soup, and nut butters, of course also smoothies.

The Omni blender runs already quieter than it's counter parts the Blendtec and Waring 3.5 hp blenders. With the slightly slower - lowered speed of the powerful motor comes a quieter response, but also a little slower blending, which lacks of course a specific needed whip cut emulsifying action, especially when it comes to berries. The weak side of the Omni blender is poor raspberry seed blending, not that it really always matters.

But just to show the Alterna jar benefits, and the very sharp and specially designed dual-wing tipped and top wing blade assembly, with the Alterna, the Omni just performs better. Of course the Alterna Jar because it fits on Blendtec and other blenders as well, gives the other blenders the same advantage.