Alterna Jars and Blades for Waring

Make hot soup, ice cream, nut butters, desserts, smoothies, almond milk, paste; blend nuts, avocado pits, ice cubes, sauces, purees, paste, broccoli, carrots, and much more, all to your delight. The Alterna Jar and Blades are engineered and designed in the USA for the purpose of being a multi-blender container for Blendtec, Waring, JTC OMNI Blender, and also for Good4U Raw Power blenders. The Good4U and Waring MX XT blenders are the same blenders.

By switching the blade assembly cutting units out our Alterna (alternative jar) fits on the above before mentioned high performance blenders. The jar is at straight onto the Blendtec blenders, but turned into an 45 degree angel to accommodate the 4 corner rubber cushion stubs on Waring, Good4U Raw Power, JTC Omni and a few other blenders. The patent pending engineered cutouts specifically designed to accommodate a simple turn and angle in setting the Alterna jar onto said Waring et al blenders, the Alterna jar also fits comfortably and effectively.

The Alterna blade cutting unit blending assembly for the Waring MX XT (et al) blenders is designed to accommodate the higher bottom base of the jar to fit perfectly into the Alterna Jar and these blenders. These blenders turn counter-clockwise as opposed to the Blendtec blenders, which turn clockwise. And the gear dimensions are different as well.

The dimensions of the Alterna Jar are 9 inches tall, weights 2.5 pounds with blade, and fits into a 9 x 7 x 7 inch box, and is stackable. Total liquid volume that fits into the Alterna jar is 80 ounces, or 2.5 liters / 10 cups. Material is BPA-FREE Eastman Tritan Co-Polyester. The Alterna jar accepts Blendtec proprietary lids, and the Alterna lid also fits on Blendtec jars, both, the WildSide and FourSide jars, but not the Waring jar lids.

The Alterna Jar with the appropriate blade blending assembly for Waring et al blenders fits a limited number of Waring blenders and the Good4U. These are Waring professional commercial 3.5 hp blenders such as the Raptor, the MX1000XT, MX1050XT, MX1100XT, MX1200XT, MX1300XT, MX1500XT, and the Good4U Raw Power blenders.